Victorian Bands' League

State Solo Championships

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Harrison Brink (Year 7) who recently achieved remarkable success at the Victorian Bands' League State Solo Championships.

Harrison's outstanding performance at the championships is a testament to the dedication and hard work he has put into honing his musical skills. We are immensely proud to have such a talented young musician among our students.

Harrison truly stood out on competition day, securing not one but two championship titles! He claimed the top spot in the Under 22 Timpani Championship, earning a score of 90 and showcasing his exceptional mastery of this drum. Additionally, Harrison demonstrated his versatility and expertise by clinching the Under 22 Snare Drum Championship with an impressive score of 85.

But the achievements don't end there! Harrison's versatility and musical prowess were further demonstrated as he clinched the 2nd position in the Juvenile Novice Cornet/Trumpet Championship, securing a score of 79. This accomplishment is a testament to his dedication to mastering various instruments and his ability to excel across multiple musical domains.

At Aloysius College, we firmly believe in fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for our students, encouraging them to pursue their individual passions and interests. Our musical program is dedicated to cultivating young talents like Harrison, providing them with opportunities to explore and develop their musical abilities to their fullest potential.

As a school, we take immense pride in our students' achievements beyond the classroom, and Harrison's success at the Victorian Bands' League State Solo Championships is a shining example of the heights our students can reach when they are committed to their craft. You can read more about our talented faculty, diverse ensembles, and the experiences available to students at the College here.

Once again, congratulations to Harrison for his remarkable accomplishments, and we look forward to witnessing many more musical triumphs from our talented students in the future!