Spotlight On

Student Leadership

At St Aloysius College, we recognise that leadership is a skill for life. We believe all our students have leadership potential and are offered formal and informal leadership opportunities. Students and teachers work together to nurture a culture of collaboration and responsibility, where student voice and agency are key components of College life. Through our leadership programs, we focus on developing our student's capacity to build relationships and develop various skills, including communication, organisation, problem-solving, and teamwork. Our Class Co-captains and House Leaders work closely with multiple staff members and students to create an atmosphere where everyone can inspire action and create change. Our student leaders work together to give back to the community and continue to make a positive impact for all their peers.

Our student leaders represent themselves and the College by:

  • Modelling the Mercy Values in all their interactions with the College community
  • Being inspired by the teachings of Catherine McAuley
  • Participating fully in all College events and celebrations
  • Being a responsible student
  • Wearing the College uniform correctly and with pride
  • Working collaboratively with staff, students, and the Prefect Team
  • Focusing on building community and respecting the dignity of all members of the St Aloysius College community

Congratulations to all our 2023 Year 7 -11 Class Captains and House Leaders who recently received their leadership positions. I want to acknowledge their courage to step forward for these roles. We look forward to witnessing your active involvement in our school community as student leaders following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley.

We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us
Catherine McAuley   |   Founder, Sisters of Mercy

Our new student leaders were asked why being a leader in 2023 is important to them.

Being a school leader is such an exciting part of being part of a school. I am so grateful to be having this opportunity. I hope to make others feel empowered and enjoy their secondary school journey.
Ruby Blaney, Year 11 Scully House leader
To me, being a leader is making sure everyone feels included and that their opinions are being heard. This year I want to be a leader who not only listens to anyone who has a problem but help them find a solution. I can't wait to learn more about my peers while being a student leader this year.
Tanecia McBride, Year 9 Class Co-captain
To me, being a leader makes me feel responsible and trusted. It feels great for people to see you and count on you when you are needed. When you are a leader you feel responsible because you know what the right thing to do is and how to help others. And I know when I am a good leader when I listen, lead by example and show our mercy values.
Matilda O'Mahoney, Year 7 Verdon House Leade.
To me, being a leader in our community means creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment in which everyone can flourish. This entails encouraging and providing multiple opportunities to classmates while also benefiting from new friendships and learning new skills. With my leadership position, I hope to inspire students to be the best versions of themselves while also being a student whom teachers and peers can rely on.
Yasmine Wong, Year 11 Class Co-captain
To be a leader is such an honour and a privilege to me. I enjoy encouraging my peers and being someone my classmates can talk to. Being a leader is showing compassion and support to those around you as well as having fun with your classmates. This year I’m going to be a leader that motivates and inspires everyone around me.
Sarah Barravecchio, Year 11 Class Co-captain
To me, being a leader means treating others how I want to be treated, learning as I go and acknowledging that everybody deserves a voice and not just those in a similar position to me.
Helena Carra, Year 9 Class Co-captain
To me, being a leader means being knowledgeable about your role and responsibilities. It means knowing what your classmates and friends need and knowing how to assist in any way possible. To be a leader is to be approachable, responsible and most of all kind. I aim to be a leader who is someone my classmates and teachers can rely on
Elvie Wake, Year 10 Class Co-Captain