Year Seven

A Reflection on Term One

First term at St Aloysius has been busy indeed. Our Year Seven students have been learning about persuasive writing in English, water cycles in Humanities and running several experiments in Science. While they have been very busy learning about the academic demands of secondary school, they have also busy learning about themselves the importance of healthy friendships and the benefits of having a growth mindset.

Our Year Sevens in term one have been encouraged to take risks with their learning to think about how they learn and what inspires them. They have been exploring ways that they can best use their skills and talents to help others to make our world a better place.

Tamara Lourdes, Year 7 Leader

First Term in St Aloysius

As I walked through the school gates on the first day, my heavy bag hanging off my shoulders, I knew I was going to have fun. The day had come, I was finally in high school. A jumble of emotions floated around the classroom as we met our new class and teachers.

We were probably all thinking the same thing, how are we going to survive this? Timetables, new classes, uniforms, it was all so new and confusing, getting to school, navigating the workload, learning new languages, it was almost too much to handle.

But thanks to the help of our amazing classmates and teachers, we got through term one, ready and eager to start term two. Now we’re all ok, because of the kindness of the teachers and older students that helped us through it. Without them, I would have been completely lost at sea.

Josephine Wake, 7B

Leadership at St Aloysius

Term One at St Aloysius College has already gone by yet so much has been done and achieved by myself and my peers. If you didn’t know, my name is Mya and I am one of the Class Captains for 7B. Even though it may seem like a big and scary role, it’s been something new and fun. It’s been an opportunity to make new friends and getting to know people more and being apart of things I’d never thought I'd have the opportunity to participate in. As Class Captain we have some jobs to do throughout the day like doing the morning prayer and notices, opening the windows, turning off the TV after periods 2, 4 and 6, attending discussions and meetings about the schools future. Even though there are 6 of us in total distributed over 3 classes, it is still a challenge to get these done but at the end of the day we are a team. The role of Class Captain carries across one Semester of the school year, meaning there will be two groups of class captains over a year giving everyone who didn’t get it the first time an opportunity to try again. If you’re thinking of running for the role I highly recommend doing it, it’s extremely fun and even though it may seem daunting and a scary thing to do, in the end you will realise that you worried about it over nothing. Enjoy your Term One holidays and I’ll see you back at school.

Mya Borg, 7B Class Co-Captain

Sports at our School in Term One

For the first time, St Aloysius entered the ACS Interschool Competition. There were three sports for summer; Soccer, Volleyball, and Tennis. We all tried out and sadly Soccer didn’t have any players so it was just Volleyball and Tennis. The others who didn’t want to try out had the option to do swimming. A week later, we got the message to see what team we made, as I slowly nervously clicked on the message, I saw I made the B Volleyball Team. I was pretty happy as I have never played before. The training started every Tuesday period 5&6, and training at 7:15 so early. But I have to say we all made so many new friendships in this new journey of high school. We went to our first game, sadly we lost but we kept going. Then the prefects organised Volleyball house matches I was so happy to represent Scully as one of the Year 7 House leaders. Verdon and Fallon played each other. First Verdon won and then Scully and McAuley, Scully won. Then the finals where the Year 7 champions were declared. Sadly we lost but we were so proud of ourselves and Verdon. For Interschool sports, we lost a few more games, had a break and started to get better at training, and then we went to St Michaels’s college where the B and C teams won! The A team was amazing but sadly lost. Then we had the European Handball house competition and that was so fun it was a mix of netball and soccer. This week we are going to the SCSA Swimming Competition on Thursday night. And a few weeks ago some Year 7s went to a swimming competition where they did a great job.

Amelie Mullins, 7B