Year Twelve

A Reflection on Term One

The Year 12s must be congratulated for their dedication and commitment to their studies this term and their active participation in a wide range of extra curricula activities and College events. It has been a very busy term, but they have adapted and are managing well the demands of their final year. Many thanks to the wonderful team of Year 12 teachers and staff, who have been supported the students through this term.

I’d like to wish the Year 12s and the St Aloysius Community a very Happy Easter and a restful break.

Daniela Franzé, Year 12 Leader

Below are Year 12 reflections of Term 1

We have successfully reached the end of Term 1! The term began with lots of stress and dread; most of us did not expect the load of Year 12. However, with the help of the cohort and our teachers - from developing study timetables and finding study groups, to having tutoring sessions with some teachers, we are feeling much more comfortable, and we are well on our way to ending the school year on a positive note!

We've had many SACs so far - with vigorous cramming in the DTIC, and running after our subject teachers with questions, but we've also had many opportunities and events such as formal, excursions, talks, as well as the common room opening - something we've been looking forward to since Year 7! I thank our pastoral teachers and Ms. Franze especially for helping us with transitioning into Year 12 and making it enjoyable, and encouraging us to do our very best, as well as the rest of our teachers for supporting us. I'm looking forward to finishing Year 12 and seeing the rewards for working hard this year :) Hopefully, Term 2 will be twice as good as this term!

Kylie La

Leadership at St Aloysius

We are coming to the end of the first term, and it's certainly been a fast and action packed one. There have been quite a few fun events this term, such as the formal, which is probably the highlight for a lot of us. We were able to have a fun night with our friends, and Mr Chesser was definitely the greatest DJ!

There have also been a few assemblies, like the assembly for International Women’s Day. It was very cool and inspiring to see a past student of St Aloysius, who is now successful, representing women in STEM, as well as having some impressive sporting achievements.

As well as assemblies and other events, this term has been busy when it comes to our studies. There has been at least one SAC for almost every subject by now, and the pace for year 12 is definitely starting to pick up. Whilst time management and staying on top of study has definitely been stressful at times for all of us, it is also rewarding to see the results when we put in effort, and studying has been a much more enjoyable experience while studying with friends.

The time has gone so fast already, so before we know it we will be finished with year 12, and I am hoping that the coming terms will continue to be fun and memorable!!

Astrid Gemmell

Sports at our School in Term One

It has been a successful start to our first term of Year 12. Most notably our Year 12 formal was a major event on the calendar for this term. It was a lovely evening that we all enjoyed.

This term was full of exciting new learning in Unit 3 and of course our first SACs which we all eventually got through with the help of our peers and lovely subject teachers. It has been a smooth transition into our final year of studying at the college with the help of our Pastoral leaders and Ms Franze our year level leader. Another exciting thing to note is the opening of the common room which is a long awaited privilege that many of us have been looking forward to since year 7.

Overall, this term has been full of plenty of highlights and exciting events. I am looking forward to term 2 and all it has to offer.

Ruby Parkinson