Updates from Year 8

The Year 8 students have taken up every opportunity offered to them with focus and enthusiasm. The Education Perfect Languages Championships Competition finished last week. Congratulations to Vaishali Rahman 8C and Astha Bharadwaj 8B for achieving Gold Awards (3000+ points) and to the following students for achieving Bronze Awards (1000+ points) and Credit Awards (500+ points). Bronze Awards were achieved by Mischa Fahey 8C, Sylvie Ottinger 8C, Tanecia McBride 8C, Stevie Jabines 8C, Alexandra Fotopoulos 8C. Credit Awards were achieved by Setara Kazim Ali 8B, Alice Everitt-Hirota 8C, Summer Venegas 8A. Your determination and competitiveness were truly impressive.

Here is a reflection from our two gold Award winners about their experience.

The Education perfect competition was a very fun and exciting experience to participate in, whether it was getting the questions right or trying to beat a friend. Education Perfect is a fun and intriguing way to learn a language or languages. We competed together and we had fun in the process while learning new vocabulary that helped in our language classes. EP is a great way to make new friends while learning new languages in an entertaining way.
Vaishali & Astha   |   8C & 8B Respectively

The year 8 students have also been using their creativity in other classes. Below are student reflections and photos of their work in STEAM, demonstrating 8C’s creativity.

In Year 8 STEAM we have been learning about wearable technology, by creating our very own garments with LED’s sewed inside. So far, we have learnt how to thread circuits and create imaginative designs from cowboy inspired outfits with bandanas to royal inspired dresses with elegant white gloves.
Grace   |   8C
In Year 8 STEAM, we have been looking at and learning about circuits and incorporating LED lights into fashion, our task is to sew LED lights into the garments, we must learn how to make circuits and work out how the LED lights are powered into garments, then sew these into the garment. Each group has a theme for their pieces such as royalty, sea life, and others.
Emilia   |   8C