Student Excursion


Have you ever tried to make sense of a set of directions posted in a language that you are not familiar with? Navigate solo around busy Melbourne streets in a wheelchair? How about taking public transport with a visual or audible impairment?

Recently, students of Years 11&12 Vocational Major (VM), were hosted at the Town Hall, Melbourne as part of their literacy studies. The topic of study was an informative and thought-provoking presentation on the City of Melbourne’s access and inclusion policies. Students learned the background to how these historic policies were drafted, the significant anomalies they sought to address and how they now operate today in support of all who reside and visit around the City of Melbourne.

During the facilitation, our VM students shared their own personal insights and research on the topic. They concurred with the policy authors that actioning such objectives was just and empowering for individuals with diverse needs. After all, it was noted that one in five people are challenged in the general population. They also conveyed that for other individuals, promoting and behaving positively in support of such policies serves to cement the very best of human behaviour, generosity of spirit and the Mercy value of being a shining beacon of care for one another.

I am hopeful that our St Aloysius students will take these learnings with them and implement such objectives as positive young adults into the future. Many thanks to VCE VM leader Audrey Abelardo for supporting the excursion to Town Hall and to Vickie Feretopoulos and Paul Di Nello for their presentations to students at Council House 2.

Josephine Donato

VCE VM Literacy teacher