Work Related Skills


As part of the students' study of work related skills with a focus on collaboration and communication they have been exploring teamwork which includes skills such as active listening, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and effective communication. Our Year 11 and 12 students participated in an escape room to put into practice their collaboration and communication skills.

On Monday the 20th of March, the VCE-VM year 11 and 12’s went to Adventure Rooms Melbourne in the CBD, and we got to participate in an escape room! The escape room was not only so much fun to complete, but also a great opportunity to work with people we don’t normally work with, and put our teamwork, problem solving and communication skills to the test. The escape room was split in 2 parts, and we had 30 minutes to complete each part. The rooms were full of puzzles we had to really work as a team to figure out, but also less complicated ones that we realised we had put way too much thought into, and the answer was right in front of us. Adventure Rooms has multiple rooms to choose from which different difficulty levels and our one that we completed, “The Mad Scientist” was ranked ⅗ stars. I think the escape room was a fantastic experience and a great activity if you like a mental challenge. I would definitely like to go again and maybe even try a harder one!
Indi, Year 12
On Monday the 22nd of March Year 11 and 12 VCE-VM work-related skills class attended an escape room. In this, we were divided into two teams and given a time limit of 30 minutes, where we worked in teams to communicate what we could find to get out of the room on time. I really enjoyed this task because I had never done an escape room and also working alongside my classmates.
Ruby, Year 11