From the Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos

Year 12 Mass

On Thursday the 19th October, our Year 12 students joined family, friends and college staff in their final Eucharistic Mass as a whole cohort. It was a special moment to join as a community to thank our Lord God for the times shared as well as seek blessings on their upcoming exams and journey ahead after finishing secondary school.

The liturgical celebration was held at St Brendan’s Church Flemington with the mass celebrated by Fr Thang Vu the parish priest and our College Chaplin. The graduating students entered the church during the opening procession holding a lit tea-light candle. This represented each one of them as a “shining light” reflecting on our College theme for 2023. Involved in the mass were several students from the cohort, in either the readings, the offertory procession or leading the music.

Reflecting on the chosen hymns and the readings, Fr Vu pointed out how fitting the words were in the message about being Christ’s light in the world and that we are all important and valued, being the “many parts of the one body” in the community.

Students from our College choir also supported the singing of the hymns with their angelic voices coming from up above in the choir loft accompanied by Priscilla Luu and conducted by January Ma.

Leading on from the mass was a dinner celebration at St Remo Ballroom, sharing in meal as one, commending the achievement of each student in their completion of Year 12.

Michael Chesser
Director, Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos