NAPLAN Testing

Year 7 Updates

Practice NAPLAN Testing

The National Assessment Program, Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing takes place in all schools around Victoria. At St Aloysius, they are conducted at school during Nourish, the following areas are assessed:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language Conventions
  • Numeracy

There are number of benefits in participating in NAPLAN, it helps build testing stamina and provides students with some of the skills required for exam taking in the future. While some Year 7s might feel a bit nervous or anxious about the testing, please remind them that the results are confidential, that they are gaining valuable skills and that ultimately the test only provides a snapshot of their learning on this day.


Olivia Thaus

Assessment is a good investment in our generation's future successment. An education on NAPLAN provides information about our school population on the situation with our generation's knowledge.

To achieve excellence in mathematics requires numeracy acrobatics for the fanatics which is why NAPLAN is designed to be inclusive, not just for the exclusive but for everyone in between. It's not just on screens but on paper routines. When NAPLAN goes live, we want to strive so that St. Aloysius will thrive.

Reading can be an addiction for those with curious minds and intertwines with those who can find literacy a grind.

Having an opportunity to show what you know is rare and to be fair, our community would care and be aware of our excellence in literacy and numeracy.

Our generation, so fortunate to have access to stellar education. And NAPLAN, an abbreviation assessing literation and numeration needs everyone's participation.

By Olivia Thaus