Year 8

End of Term Message

Dear students, parents, and carers,

It is wonderful to have had a full term of school this year, providing all the Year 8 students with so many opportunities to reconnect with old friends and establish new friendships. The year 8 students have maintained their enthusiasm, energy, and positivity throughout the term and continued to step out of their comfort zone and participate in so many co-curricular activities. I am extremely proud of the Year 8 students and with regards to their studies and participation in College events.

Every Pastoral group has created their own unique practices and rituals, building a sense of connection and community within the homeroom and college. Each pastoral group has shown a sense of their competitiveness as they created a forest themed space, these colourful classrooms are an absolute joy to learn in. Year 8’s have their theme linked to the pastoral letter for example, 8A is A for the Angry bird forest, 8B is the birds and the bees in the forest and 8C is C for “under the sea” so their room is the coral forest.

As a year level, we have created our own birthday ritual, so any Year 8 student who has a birthday enjoys having Happy birthday sung to her by her pastoral group as well as “birthday bubbles” with our special bubble machine. This has been quite a hit, especially now that we have all learned how to use the bubble machine.

8C have created an additional birthday ritual, handcrafted birthday hats made from their creative pastoral teacher, Mrs Wareham. These hats have been very colourful and reflected the student’s personality or interests in some way. The students who have received the hats have all been very grateful for the time and effort Mrs Wareham put into creating these works of art.

On behalf of all the Year 8 students and myself, thank you to our 3 wonderful and supportive Year 8 pastoral leaders, Mr Davidson, Ms Prinzi and Ms Wareham.

I wish year 8 students and their families a wonderful term break and a Happy Easter.

Rita Stangerlin, Year 8 Leader

Enjoy the photos and students' reflection for Term 1.

After completing most of Year 7 online, we started Year 8 and the term with great anticipation of what was to come. Despite the Covid challenges from the previous year, we are so grateful and relieved to have experienced term 1 at school and with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to our work. Some of the highlights of this term include; meeting new teachers, making new friends and trying new things. I can’t wait to see what term 2 brings!!
Nancy Persichelli   |   8A
This term has been the first in two years, without any interruptions, so I think that this one was very special. In 8C we celebrate birthdays by using the bubble machine and Mrs Wareham makes a special custom hat for the birthday girl. In our classroom, we have our own coral forest with a mermaid called Coral. In STEAM we have been doing wearable technology and we have been making outfits inspired by different things. For example, in my group, we made a dress inspired by sea life.
Tia Zvavamwe   |   8C
We have had a lot of fun this term, we have had a crepe stand come in and year 8s had food tech as a subject for the first time. Many students are involved in the school musical Aladdin. Some of our year 8s competed in SCSA cricket and swimming.
Tanecia McBride   |   8C