Wellbeing & Learning Conferences, NAPLAN

Year 9 Reflections

From Year 9 Leader, Mary De Bono

This week has been eventful with the Year 8 & 9 Wellbeing Conferences held on Wednesday 24th March and NAPLAN practice test on Thursday 25th March. Overall, the term has been going well and I feel so blessed we have been on Campus this term with no lockdowns. It has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to really get to know and understand the Year 9 students. I would like to thank all the parents and guardians that communicate with me as it provides me with an understanding of the students that I teach and how the college can cater for their needs

Wellbeing and Learning Conferences

The Year 9 teachers informed me that they were very busy with interviews which is wonderful to hear that parents and guardians are taking a real interest in their daughters learning and supporting the college. The conferences are a great way to connect with the staff or your daughter and it is always lovely to meet the families of the students we teach. During the meetings many parents and guardians indicated that it was lovely to put a face to the name and have a chat. There was such lovely feedback from many about the college and the future endeavors of the college which is lovely to hear. I would also like to commend the students for attending these conferences with their parents. It is great to see and hear students take part in the conversation about their wellbeing and learning. Thank you to everyone that attended. If you were unable to attend these conferences, please send subject teachers a direct message and they will endeavor to reply to the Direct Message or call you for an overview of the progress of your daughter.

Practice NAPLAN

On 25th March, Year 7 & 9 students participated in a practice online trial NAPLAN test. This session was somewhat overwhelming for many as for Year 9 students their NAPLAN test was cancelled in Year 7 due to Covid-19. The benefit of this practice test was a wonderful way to help ease some of the doubts and hesitations students have about the tests and help them to gain confidence in sitting the tests. It also allowed for a trial of the technology which overall ran smoothly. Both staff and students now feel confident with the test and the testing conditions. The NAPLAN tests have many benefits and allows for teachers to use the data to assist with supporting students in learning needs by differentiating work or applying extension activities to develop further growth. It also informs education leaders on the progress of learning within schools and allows for comparison across states. NAPLAN as a diagnostic tool for education reviews and progress is essential for the education departments to work out trends see how to improve the system. The NAPLAN tests will consist of numeracy reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) tests to take place during the weeks of 10th and 20th May this year. As a classroom teacher I find the data very useful in knowing the students that I teach and their levels and abilities. If there are any questions about the test in May please feel free to contact the Pastoral Advisor or myself as the Year Level Leader.