Year 12 Mercy Leadership Formation

Young Mercy Links

Last week, over the course of two days, four of our Year 12 prefect team participated in the Young Mercy Links’ Student Leader Formation, which occurred at the Mercy Hub in Carlton. Organised by Angela Scarafilo and the team at YML (including alumni Elise Ho and Cassandra Prinzi), the course provided students with the opportunity to learn more about the Mercy story and what it means to lead in a Mercy school.

As part of the two-day program, there were discussions on what 'Mercy' entails and sharing of ideas on how to bring about the legacy of Catherine McAuley by leading Mercy in Action within our school and connecting with Young Mercy Links.

It was a great opportunity for the student leaders at our schools to join together with a shared focus and commitment to bringing about the values of Mercy Education to those in our school communities, from a student's perspective and obligation.

Today, I participated in an amazing Mercy leadership program. It was so eye-opening to meet leaders from different schools and learn about their experiences as student leaders. We did fun activities like painting and self-reflecting, and I even made some awesome new friends! I feel very grateful for the opportunity and the sense of community and connection with the other Mercy schools. Overall, it was a super enriching experience that taught me a lot about myself and others. I can’t wait for tomorrow to continue this excursion learning more about myself and others.
Sarah B, 12A
The Young Mercy Links – Student Leaders Formation has been insightful and inspiring to be a part of. Seeing girls from other Mercy schools around Victoria, including schools from Geelong and Mildura, has provided a great opportunity to bond and share stories about our current leadership responsibilities and what we hope to do in the future. The YML shared many great stories about Mercy, what it means to us, and what it has done for others. Hearing other people’s missions and people from within the Mercy Hub speaking in front of the United Nations has shown me a wide range of doors that Mercy can open for someone.
Alyssa J, 12B

Michael Chesser
Director, Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos