St Aloysius College Prospectus

Mary Farah Principal

Welcome to St Aloysius College, a diverse and happy community where we live the belief that curiosity and enjoyment drive learning.  

Our talented and capable students thrive on learning together and giving their very best. They are confident and articulate young adults, powerful learners who are encouraged to explore and discover, to become resilient and independent learners who find an intrinsic love in all that they do.

We foster a love of learning, we provide time to pause and reflect and our outstanding grounds offer the students space to walk, to think and to find calm in the heart of North Melbourne. We also place a premium on effort, perseverance and independence and we are a tolerant and welcoming community, so proud of our Mercy heritage. When our students leave they do so as balanced, creative and thoughtful young people who are ready to fulfil their potential as outstanding adults. They have made friends for life, they have acquired the tools they need to make informed choices and they have done so in a happy and secure environment. We firmly believe in parents and the College working together in partnership to support the girls in their learning and to further build this great community. Students graduate from St Aloysius College remembering more than just lessons.

I look forward to meeting you and your child in the very near future.