At St Aloysius, we nurture and celebrate each individual, and also engender in our students an awareness and appreciation of the needs and gifts of others. Wonderful interactions between students and staff result from supportive relationships.

All staff at St Aloysius have a wellbeing responsibility,  to ensure that each student is cared for on a personal level. Importantly, staff also work closely with parents to ensure that their children are happy and thriving. The concern the students show for each other and those who care for them is testament to the community we have built.

At St Aloysius we employ a whole-school approach to Student Wellbeing, ensuring that it is a core element of our Learning and Teaching program. We understand that learning, wellbeing and faith are inextricably linked and as such we employ a whole-school approach to pastoral care. We understand that students thrive when they are known and valued. Our academic staff work closely with a strong network of support staff to encourage each student to achieve his or her best, and the College Co-Curricular Program supports students to explore their interests beyond the academic.

As a Mercy school, we aim to develop resilient, respectful, compassionate and strong young adults who hold dear the Mercy values. We actively promote the integrity and care of each person and encourage respect for diversity. Within a Restorative Practice Framework we focus on community, relationships and healing.

Developed by Year Level Leaders together with our College Psychologist, the Nourish Program is our Year 7 – 12 Pastoral Care Program designed to support the development of the whole person. The program is aligned with our Mercy Education Values and covers a range of topics such as wellbeing, study habits, learning behaviours, time management, cyber-safety, growth mindset, friendship and nutrition and is delivered via a weekly 45-minute lesson by Pastoral Leaders, Year Level leaders and a range of specialist staff and guest presenters.

Each year level is characterised by a theme and specialised program:

  • Year 7: Our Community
  • Year 8: Stepping Up
  • Year 9: Growth, Resilience, Self-Discovery
  • Year 10: Courage and Action
  • Years 11 & 12: Reflect, Strive, Lead

Mindful students are more focused and engaged learners

As part of our commitment to Positive Education, our Mindfulness Program runs during the first 5 minutes of Period 5.  The Mindfulness Program is an opportunity for students to take a few moments to centre themselves following the lunch break in preparation for the final two lessons of the day.

Moving to secondary school is an exciting milestone. St Aloysius College‘s unique TLC Transition Program ensures that students and their families are supported at this time, making friends and  becoming valued members of our community well before they begin Year 7.

The program commences in the August of the Grade 6 year, providing a range of opportunities for students to meet others, spend time at the College and to connect with our community.

We pride ourselves on establishing a partnership with families that remains strong throughout their child’s time at the College. 

Our Year 12 students are allocated to a small group of students with a Senior Staff Mentor.  In order to maximise the outcomes for our Year 12s, these groups meet regularly in order to discuss the progress of each student and ways in which the College may provide extra support.

At St Aloysius College, we place great importance on the home-school partnership. In addition to Parent Teacher Student Interviews, our Learning Management System allows students/parents/guardians to receive regular feedback regarding the academic progress of their daughters.

Regular Parent Forum Sessions are facilitated by expert speakers on a range of topics such as Raising Resilient Young Adults, Positive Parenting and How to Keep Your Child Safe In The Digital World.