Welcome, Class of 2027

We are looking forward to seeing you!

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to the St Aloysius College community for Year 7 in 2022. You belong to a particularly special group of students, one that will make history as the final all-girls cohort to complete their Secondary education at St Aloysius.

Embarking on your journey into secondary school need not be a daunting one, at our school, we offer many programs that help you feel connected and orientated before you start in 2022. Once you do begin, you will be surprised by the many opportunities you will have at the College, such as sports, instrumental programs, and a thriving language and arts program, all await you. You will be spoilt for choice. While we look forward to introducing you to all these new concepts, we also look forward to getting to know you. We will work collaboratively to help you master your new passions, set learning goals, and thrive as you grow on your learning journey.

On this page of the website you will find some information around key dates, some videos from your future teachers and their contact details if you have any questions for them (and please, ask away if you do!).

Key Dates

School Uniform

The St Aloysius school uniform is an important part of our culture and identity and our students take great pride in the wearing it. 

The St Aloysius College uniform is purchased through Noone, their website can be accessed here

A Welcome from Tamara Lourdes


Contact Tamara at: lourdest@aloysius.vic.edu.au

A Welcome from Siobhan Bloomfield


Contact Siobhan at: bloomfields@aloysius.vic.edu.au